When my son graduated from high school, the teachers asked the students to write “thank you” cards to their parents or guardians. When my wife and I received ours in the mail, we were touched. Only four sentences in length, it was appreciative and warm. It now hangs on the wall.

I might be “old school” and out of vogue, but I still love to hand write “thank you” notes. It only takes a few moments more than an email, but the impact is much stronger. For me, I take the time to think more than just dashing off a few lines of text in an email. I may write the same thing, but the message received is different then the message in the inbox.  

By you being the change, and inspiring others, you in turn inspire yourself. Just to take the time and hand write something, will slow down your thoughts and deepen them. When someone goes to their mailbox, they generally only expect machine-automated pieces of “junk”—bills and advertisements. Here is a chance for you to open up the world to others wherever you live, even if it is in the same city or the same house or the other side of the world. My wife loves to receive a love note in the mail! 

Often when people receive postcards, they will be hung on the fridge. At minimum, they will be received with a smile. What a great way to spread joy in someone’s life. 

Try this: Go out and buy five post cards, then head off to a coffee shop and buy yourself your favorite beverage. Take the postcards out and write a few, simple lines to someone that you would love to hear from.  Keep it light, simple, quick, and easy.  This is one of my favorite exercises.  Out of the post cards I send, often the replies are filled with wonder and joy that I’ve spent the time and effort to write out a card.